‘Expensive and pointless!’ - Is this your perception or experience of outsourced marketing?

If so, then we’re on a mission to dispel these myths. Let’s look at the ‘Expensive’ bit first.

Our support services start from just £200 per month. Or another way to look at it, only £10 per day based on there being an average of 20 working days each month.

Now let’s address the ‘Fruitless’ argument. Of course, it can be difficult to measure the impact or return on some aspects of marketing. For example, how does one put a price on brand development or paying for an idea? Some companies spend hundreds, others spend thousands and some even spend hundreds of thousands on their branding. All we know is that when we ask our clients what value they’d place on the brand identity we’ve developed and implemented for them, a common reply is ‘priceless’.

However, a word of warning.  Developing a great brand is not a guarantee of success. You see, most creative agencies lead with design which is undoubtedly important with regards to branding and creation of promotional materials, both online and offline. But great design is nothing without proper and consistent application.

In contrast, Creative Lakes is marketing-led, applying sound strategic planning principles and years of full-mix campaign management skills to ensure that both design and execution are aligned to generate tangible and, wherever possible, measurable results.

Here’s just a few examples of the measured impact that well planned and well designed marketing campaigns can deliver:

  • Over £50,000 of new business opportunities generated in less than 6 months from 2 targeted email campaigns
  • 40% increase in the number of visitors to an online seminar
  • 100% recall on a direct mail campaign
  • Anticipated number of delegates tripled at a new product launch
  • Over 95% average delivery success rate of email campaigns
  • Over 40% average open rate of email campaigns

To find out how we can help you sharpen your pencil and turn ‘Expensive & Pointless’ into ‘Affordable & Rewarding’, please contact us.

Neil CorriganComment