Does marketing matter?

Most creative agencies are design-led, which means you usually end up with well designed and considered results for both your print and online promotions.

But are those the results you really want? Or would you prefer something different?

How about your promotions resulting in:

  • more enquiries,
  • more business,
  • more customers,
  • more visitors to your web site or premises or events,
  • more exposure and awareness of your brand, your products, your services and your offers amongst your target customers?

You see, unlike most creative agencies, Creative Lakes is marketing-led. Most other agencies will also claim that they 'do' marketing, when in fact what they really do is use marketing as a means to sell you design services.

Instead of leading with design, we lead with marketing founded on over 18 years of marketing management experience and applying proven marketing principles including research, strategy and planning. This enables us to ensure our designs, campaigns and promotions deliver real, measurable results for our clients. For example:

  • Average email campaign delivery rates of over 95%
  • Average email campaign open rates of over 40%

So if you're looking for a more measured approach to you design and marketing, get in touch with us. We're all about marketing that measures up!