Double your budget or halve your costs? The choice is yours

Is your business based in Cumbria, employing less than 250 people and looking to create or safeguard jobs?

If so, then you could be eligible for match funding of up to £2,500 to pay for specialist marketing support and creative services.

This means that whatever your budget is up to £2,500, the Growth up will match, thereby doubling your budget.  For example, if you need £2,000 for a developing new website, you only need to find £1,000 and the Growth Hub could fund the rest.

Or another way to look at it is if you already have the budget, you can cut your project costs in half.

In addition, you could also access:

  •  Networking, master classes, training and workshops
  • Academic and technical expertise
  • Part funded Student, Graduate and Supported placements (*a small financial contribution up to a maximum of £500 will be required by the business)

For more information, email

Please note:

*ERDF eligibility does apply, which means that some sectors aren't eligible.  Contact the Cumbria Growth Hub for clarification.

Neil CorriganComment