Twitter @ 10

Ten years of Twitter, and we’ve come up with our top ten tweeting tips.

Five to do..

1: Be positive as much as possible. No one wants to read a Twhinger

2: Include links to your website or blog to drive traffic there

3: Be a tease. If you want people to look at your website, don't give away the whole story in a tweet but use it as a way of hooking the reader.

4: Use photos and videos, always good quality ones

5: Engage in conversation, but don’t be TOO challenging or argumentative

And five don’ts...

6: Don’t be vulgar

7: Don’t repeat old news. Tweeps will have seen it too many times

8: Don’t keep telling people where you are, without saying why you’re there

9: Don’t ramble on about a topic over several tweets, even if it’s a cause dear to your heart

10: Don’t feel obliged to follow back every time. You only follow people if you think they’ll have something interesting to say.

Neil CorriganComment