Environmental Management Specialists get Creative

A creative company in the Lake District is working with one of Britain’s leading environmental management companies to protect natural landscapes.

Kendal-based Creative Lakes have carried out extensive marketing advisory and planning work with Nevis Environmental, leading to the creation of a comprehensive promotional toolkit comprising of new website, advertising and literature.

Nevis, with offices in Inverness and Carlisle, are specialists who work with construction companies, particularly those building renewable energy projects, with a team which has extensive experience in the UK from the Shetland Islands to the South Coast of England.

Nevis are specialists in habitat management and reconstruction, with in-depth knowledge of legal requirements to be met by providers of renewable energy, particularly when operating in areas where construction might have an impact on the natural environment.

Neil Corrigan, owner and managing director of Creative Lakes, said:

As environmental consultants and management specialists, Nevis know how companies can develop and maintain projects without harming the birds, the bats, the moors, peat and bog.

It has been a fascinating process to work with the team of ecology specialists. We have learned so much about bird and animal habitats, and about the impact of development on water courses.

Neil said that one of the most interesting features was learning about the work of ecologists looking after plants such as the alpine bearberry.

This was completely new to us, but we learned that it’s the beautiful plant with edible berries and leaves which turn a spectacular shade of red in the autumn in the hilly moorland regions of Highland Scotland. One of the Nevis team works to ensure that the species will survive when contractors head to the hills to build essential wind turbines to maintain our power supplies.
— Neil Corrigan, Managing Director at Creative Lakes
Creative Lakes really took the time to understand our business and what we do. They have provided Nevis with great marketing advice and a stunning suite of marketing materials, including a website and literature which will help the company go from strength to strength and we look forward to our ongoing relationship with Neil and his team.
— Colin Aimers, Managing Director at Nevis Environmental

Creative Lakes are design, marketing and branding specialists working with companies and organisations throughout Britain.

We always learn something new from our clients, but this has been a particularly fascinating learning process. It’s really important to learn about and understand the fields that our clients are operating in, so that we can give them our best in terms of design.
— Neil Corrigan, Creative Lakes
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