Does this picture explain what marketing is all about?

In my line of work, I regularly get asked “what exactly is marketing?” 

The simplest way I can come up with to explain the role of marketing in a business is by using this photograph:

The business journey

Think of this picture as your business.

In the distance is your long-term business goal.  The summit could be represented by your target turnover, profit or company size, or perhaps your sale value of your business.  Basically, it’s where you want to eventually get to with your business before you decide on the next phase.

To the left of the picture is where you came from, all the stuff you’ve done, achieved and learned from in the past.  This can include all your experiences, including training and qualifications, successes and failures, learned skills and relationships.

The person leading the group is ‘Marketing’. The chap with the map, the man with the plan.  Their role is to know:

  • Where you’ve been
  • Where you are
  • Where you’re going
  • How to get there

But they can’t do it alone. Marketing needs the right team behind them. 

The team is made up of the company’s own ‘Promotional mix’, all pulling together in the same direction to make it to the destination.  Marketing can’t make it on their own, they need the right team in place to make sure they all have everything needed to reach the target destination.

These team members are Branding, Messaging, Networking, Literature, Website, Social Media, Advertising, PR, and Events.  They each have a key role to play.  However, left to their own devices and without clear direction, they could easily wander off and get lost in woods, weakening the team and pulling them off course.

But do you agree?  Does this analogy for Marketing make sense to your business, or do you think there is a better way of explaining it?

Neil CorriganComment