Marketing instrumental in exceeding growth expectations

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In 2010, photocopier salesman Phil Graham decided to set-up his own business, Sensible Print Solutions.  Having worked for many years in an industry marred by reputation for poor customer service and lengthy, supplier-biased contracts, Phil was convinced that there was a better way to provide office print to local businesses and schools – a Sensible way.

By 2014 Phil had built a strong business and reputation amongst local organisations.  However, as a one-man band, Phil was doing everything from sales and admin to deliveries, installations and maintenance.  And although turnover was good, the margins were tight and the hours were long.  This left little time to spend on developing the marketing strategy and campaigns that would help Phil take the business into its next stage of growth.

In the Summer of 2014, Phil started working with Neil Corrigan from Creative Lakes.  Having worked in the industry previously, Neil could immediately see the differentiation and opportunity that Phil and Sensible had in taking the business forward.  In the initial months of working closely together, an overall business and marketing strategy was developed and agreed. 

Neil and Creative Lakes then went on to provide ongoing support to Sensible, implementing the tactical elements that had been identified to support the marketing strategy.  These included a company re-brand and new marketing toolkit (i.e. website, literature, exhibition kit, regular email campaigns, etc).  Now Sensible had a clear, professional image befitting its unique offering and customer service ethos.  Regular campaigns generated greater awareness of the company and its products and services amongst target customers.

Neil also assisted Phil in the recruitment and mentoring of Sensible’s first employee with help from the University of Cumbria.  Since then, Sensible has gone on to hire more staff to boost customer support and service as well as freeing up Phil to spend time on the direction of the business and with his family.

Two years on, and Sensible has more than doubled its turnover – a figure that far exceeds the original target.  In addition, Sensible now makes much healthier profits, allowing Phil to reinvest in staff, development and more recently the acquisition of an IT support company to strengthen the company’s portfolio and service levels.

The support that Neil and Creative Lakes has provided to Sensible over the last two years has helped us to create a clear direction and strong foundation on which to continue building the business. As a sales person, I was somewhat sceptical about what role marketing had to play in developing the business, but the strategy and regular campaign activity have been instrumental in achieving our growth and goals.
— Phil Graham, Managing Director at Sensible
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