Are you worried about re-branding your business?

So you’ve worked hard over the years and been rewarded with an established business, but the market and what you offer has evolved since you first launched.  You’re considering whether the current name and / or logo is still relevant, or perhaps it is time to re-name and re-brand the business.

Many entrepreneurs and owners see this as a normal developmental stage in their business journey, while others are fearful of how changes will be perceived, both internally and externally.

So long as you’re doing it for the right reasons and you do it properly, re-naming and / or re-branding a business is a very positive exercise.  These days people buy brands rather than products, and investing in your own brand says that you’re serious about your business and its future.  It also communicates that you are adaptable and in keeping with the changes that are taking place both inside and outside of the company.

Of course, I would say that because I’m in the business of helping companies re-name and re-brand.  However, I also have the integrity and honesty to know when and only when to recommend such a definitive course of action.

There has to be a genuine and good reason for re-naming and re-branding a business.  I would never recommend re-branding as a means to just paint over the cracks when there is a deeper underlying problem with the business that needs addressing first.  Your stakeholders (customers, staff, investors, competitors, etc) are not stupid and a re-brand in this situation will not work or solve your problems.

Having a good reason means you also have a good story to tell.  Be honest about your re-brand.  If the business has evolved, diversified or even outgrown its current name or identity, then use that as the basis for reviewing where you’ve come from, where you are now and where the business is going.  Your re-brand, while acknowledging the journey so far, is about the future of your business.

With such an important stage in your business’ history, I also urge you to do the re-brand properly.   Otherwise, it looks as though you are not taking your business seriously, which internal and external audiences will soon pick up on.

Implementing a re-brand doesn’t need to be expensive, but seeking external professional and impartial advice and support has to be a priority if you want to get the most from your investment.  Remember who you are designing your new brand identity for – it’s not for you, it’s for your audiences.

Above all, be proud of your new name and / or logo, share it and tell its story, launch it and celebrate it.  Your brand should always reflect your core values, so stay true to these by being consistent and careful with its application and use.

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Neil CorriganComment