Geared up for marketing success

SYPO at Growth 2017 Carlisle Racecourse

Last week saw the realisation of a idea that we had for our client and business partner Sell Your Products Online (SYPO).  As their name suggests, SYPO are specialists in the development of websites, software and systems to support businesses in generating online revenue.

Knowing that most trade shows and business events can be a bit of stale affair, we suggested SYPO run with a theme on their stand to attract visitors and fellow exhibitors.

Several SYPO staff and clients have a strong affinity with cycling, so we suggested binning the standard 6 foot table that came with the stand and replacing it with one of the latest cycle trainers and software packages that allowed us to set a route and analyse individual rider performance.

Using our 'Gear up for online success' theme, we sourced display graphics and literature to complete the stand scheme.

Despite a disappointing number of visitors to the event, the SYPO stand was one of the busiest all day - and definitely one of the most fun and talked about.  The theme and competition was a key talking point, allowing SYPO's staff to engage with visitors throughout the day.

We'd like to extend our thanks to SYPO for buying into our idea, as we acknowledge that these things can require a leap of faith but hopefully they will reap the rewards of taking a punt and daring to do something a bit different.

Neil CorriganComment